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I sponsor the work of providing English lessons to orphans in Myanmar through Songkids so as to equip these kids with a useful life skill that will help them when they enter the working world. It’s a fulfilling purpose as part of the business to be able to do our part
The jobs of tomorrow requires a flexibility of mind and ruggedness of spirit for the new generation to seize opportunities effectively. I believe that Edu Songkids can play a part in levelling up a country whose people are its best hope and resource.
Founder of Crossworks

Hear us out! This is SongKids

SongKids started with a simple mission: "Making space for children to find their song". Over the 5 years since inception, the team has been passionately getting children centres and orphanages all over the SEA countries to partner with us to create this space. SongKids has always been about teamwork, passion, and giving to the children. We want to make an impact regionally and globally; And we need a team to make this difference; A non-profit team of volunteers with different skill sets but a singular passion for the orphans and children. If you got a similar heartbeat for children like we do, come onboard this vision that we may see communities and societies changed and impacted by the next generation together!