Why Contribute?

Poverty rob children of their dreams

Not just in Myanmar but in many parts of the world, poverty makes it impossible for children to have access to education. The lack of resource and other circumstance stopped many children from what they should rightly be doing – dreaming for their future.

We can make a difference

This is why Songkids was birth. We believe every child has a potential that should not be limited by the environment, cultural difficulties, or poverty. Songkids seeks to provide the space for each child to find the song that is in their heart.

This song is their talent waiting to be discovered so they can dream again.

SongKids provides exposure for the children to express their talents through arts festivals, creative classes, employment & entrepreneur workshops and even through fun & games. We bring out their talents and provide a path for them to study through our bursary and mentoring programs.

Successful festivals to reach 6K


In the last 6 years, we have personally reach out to our communities. We do this directly, not through proxies. This is the reason why we can efficiently organise large festivals with right local people with heart using only our personal finance & resources. Now after expanding our reach to over 6000 children as a movement, we decided to register Songkids as a society in Singapore in 2021. This is a new move to structure for a new goal – to identify 100 from the 6000 and match the right mentors to guide them in the education path to reach their dream. With potential 100 bursaries to give away, we can’t do this alone. We need contributors like you. 

What our current contributors say

Hi I am Daniel, founder of Do Applied Learning. I sponsor the work of providing English lessons to orphans in Myanmar through Songkids. We hope to equip these kids with a useful life skill that will help them when they enter the working world. It’s a fulfilling purpose as part of my business to be able to do our part.
Daniel Ong
Founder of Do Applied Learning
SongKids are really friendly people who create real opportunities for kids. I have volunteered in SongKids for 3 years. I see how they work in orphanages for fatherless children. They are really always in contact with the orphanage leaders to give the best care for the kids especially the founder of the movement, Hong Teck. He gives his time, energy, and money to see children fulfil their dreams.
Volunteer of SongKids
I am so thankful for the last 6 years, God's favour was with us where I can contribute through my social enterprise. It was a miraculous journey of 8 festivals and over 6 thousand children. I'm grateful for small group of supporters, we did it without any lack. Now that we registered SongKids as a society, we have set an audacious goal to help 100 kids who lost their dreams through poverty to dream again. Join us in this new miracle journey.
Founder of myO'things & SongKids

You can contribute too

" We are 100% efficient - All donations goes to education "

0% of the funds received as donations are used for Festivals or any outreach purposes. SongKids Festival expenses are specially raised as and when festivals are organised and never with held funds.

0%of our volunteers or members' travel, lodging & food expenses come from funds we receive through donation. We serve 100% self funded from our volunteers' pocket & heart.

100% of funds we receive goes to our Education Fund which directly impacts the children. Our General Fund for administrative purposes such as websites & legal is contributed by our members who are all unpaid volunteers.