Get It! Dream It! Do It!

Getting it!

I quit a high paying corporate IT job while my kids are still toddlers to spent 12 years working with children in a non profit organisation. I made the sacrifice with the hope that the youngest people in our community can have it better.

People don’t get why I do it?

Well, I do it because I “Get it”. I get what it means that…

  • Children are a gift
  • Children are the hope of the future
  • Children are not just leaders of tomorrow, they are leaders leading us now.
  • If we don’t pay attention to children, the sustainability of our community plummets.
  • If we don’t invest in children, we are not investing in development, progress and growth in the long run.

Someone I admire onced said “I will rather build children than to fix adults”. The issue of corruption and decay can be meddled with this generation but the solution is found in building the next.

I give and sacrifice because I get it that children matter to God, to us and to the future of our earth.

Dreaming it!

Because I get it, I can dream it. We can dream what will make the next generation blossom. We can dream what is needed to not only survive the next generation but to have it lead their next generation and thrive. We can dream of their contribution and impact to our world. We can dream of the same best that has been invested for this generation be given to the next generation. We can dream of children being considered, seen and treated as important people in the society. We can dream it because we get it!

Doing it!

Whatever we can dream, you can do it! You may feel like you cannot do much but you can, if you do your part.  You can do what aligns to the dream of making the world better for our next generation. We can encourage, support, pray and do whatever we have the fit to do. You may not be able to do big things alone but together you can do wonders. When you get it, dream it and do it together, the world will be a better place and you are involved to make this world a better place.

I encourage you to make your investment and your time worth it. Make a contribution and do it. You can stick out your neck and do it. You can make a difference.

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