How To Stick Your Heads Out & Volunteer Your Gifts?

  1. Find What The Needs Are

    Look around for what is needed. Search for volunteering opportunities at your local welfare non-profit organisation. Don’t just look for anything but for one that will match your talent. Believe me, doing this one step will help you succeed many times more than just doing what you CAN do (rather than what you are passionate to do)

  2. Take The First Step And Contact Them

    Finding something and taking the first step means so much difference. Have the courage to call or write to them and ask if they have an opportunity for you in the area you want to do. Most of the time, you’ll find that there is and then it’s a matter of the working arrangement.

  3. Commit To A Process That Will Make It Work

    Having the right working arrangement with the organisation is crucial and will either make it or break this venture you have committed to do.  So make it a point to agree on how you can work that will make the most difference to the people you’ll bless.


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  1. Hi I am Joanna,I come to know about through a brother name Richard from Hope Singapore. I would like to find how I can contribute in tis area.

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