SONG-OUT is about bringing out a song!  Share your song to bring out theirs.


Current SongOuts… 


We are hired field English Teachers to go into orphanages to help elevate the standard of conversational English amongst the children. To help to sponsor the hiring of a teacher, Contact YongSheng or Emerald


We are starting a Bursary Application system for orphanages to apply for a full bursary for their children who qualifies for post secondary education.
Contact YongSheng > or  Emerald >

Joel is the second oldest child in an orphanage centre in Yangon Myanmar. He’s doing distant learning in the university in Yangon. Contact YongSheng > or Centre Leader Directly Moses >

Rothen is the oldest child in an orphanage centre in Yangon Myanmar. He’s been doing well in school and will be able to study at the university level at the end of this year 2017. However, the leader of the orphanage will need assistance to support his dream. We are looking for a donor to share their song to waive the school fee and bring out Rothen’s song. Contact YongSheng > or Centre Leader Directly Moses >

Suggest a song you can bring Out. Contact us.

Past SongOuts…

  • #004 An extension tent for 12 students as new space for tuition business run by small orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar.
  • #003 Sponsorship of cement/sand for El-Shaddai Orphanage spcae exp
  • #002 Connecting investors to save a struggling orphanage from closing down,
  • #001 Connecting a donor for an ice freezer for a local orphanage business,
  • Kids mentoring & leadership training,
  • Silk Screen T-Shirt Printing,
  • Making upcycled guitar shelves from unwanted guitars,
  • Guitar and music lessons, DIY cajon making
  • Kids learning camps & games carnivals,
  • English & reading programs. .. and more.


Volunteer your song: Social Media Manager & Website Developer. Contact us

You can SONG OUT! as an organisation by turning your company into a social enterprise either by committing a percentage of your profit to kids in centres or form a team to visit. (You can do the same as a family)