SONGOUT is our unique 3 step process to 

1. “REACH OUT” to children  

2. “WORK OUT” their talents and 

 3. “LIVE OUT” their dreams again. 

1. Reach out

2. Work OUT


Collaborating with local partners in the cities to reach children in orphanages and less privileged communities.


Our volunteers conduct workshops to inspire children and empower them in their dreams.


Students who perform well in school stand a chance to get a bursary for post secondary education or tertiary studies according to their dreams.


SongKids Festivals

Our Festivals reach thousands of underserved children in poor communities.

We make it a point to love and care for the severe needs of communities we work with. For example the recent Covid-19 pandemics, we have raised thousands of dollars to help families who have lost loved ones as well as have been economically impacted by it.

#ILoveYouMovement Relief Campaigns

Free Programmes

Guitar Upcycling, Cajon Making, Art, Craft & Music Lessons, Silk Screen T Shirt Printing Workshops, Kids Bible Camps, Prophetic Telling, Games Carnival, English Tuition & Reading Programmes.
Our volunteers have done it all.


Festival Workshops

The workshops during our festival are always a big hit. Our expert teachers share their passion & experience to inspire kids to develop their talent.

"Who Wants To Be A ..." Career Workshops

We pioneered this series of career talks in a refugee school in Malaysia setup under the United Nation’s High Comission of Refugee Agency (UNHR).

Above is “Who wants to be an entrepreneur?” seminar with Charmain Tan, CEO of Quickdesk and Entrepreneur from Singapore (online) and Raymond Chou, Microsoft Regional Director and Entrepreneur in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (live). 

The other talks in the series are 
“Who Wants To Be An Influencer” & “Who Wants To A People Helper” talk by local experts. 


Nurture groups are interest groups for children discovering their talent. Led by potential mentors, our goal is to make space for self discovery of what they want to do for the future. Art Therapy group located at Klang, Malaysia has started in collaboration with Elshaddai KL. Participants include 5 Rohingya refugees living in a shelter. We also have 3 Nurture Groups for English & Digital Skills for the Grade 10s in Full Moon Centre, Yangon.

Nurture Groups


Digital Mentoring

Mentoring (or now digital mentoring) is the key strategy to help children or youth rise up to their dreams. The end goal of the “Work Out” phase is the pairing of mentees with mentors to ensure each child grows up to fulfil their highest purpose in the “Live Out” phase.

Bursary Education

Our bursary application system was first designed for orphanages to apply for a full bursary for their children who qualifies for post secondary and tertiary education. We have since extended to other poor communities in the city.  Our beneficiaries now include children from Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia. 

Our goal is for children to get the right education to live successful lives giving back to the community. Above is one of our bursary recipient mobilising his friends to give out grocery packs to needy people in the community during the Covid-19 pandemic in Penang.

Successful Lives Giving Back

THE Edusongkids tASK FORCE

We have pilot a project with a special team to revolutionise the education sector in developing countries using e-learning and e-curriculum.
Join us if you want to be part of the team to make an impact in this area.