Due to the Covid-19 pandemic: We have cancelled all trips.
Our focus is now on online education & mentoring.

Make a trip down together with us!

How about making a trip to witness how we partner with communities to make a difference. It’s not about a trip just for ourselves but for making connections and building a long term relationship with people who will make the most difference to the children. 

We currently have teams visiting centres in Batam, Indonesia, Surabaya, Indonesia and Yangon, Myanmar

You can either make a trip with an existing regular team or join us in the next SongKids Festivals in a city. There are so many children to reach we need all the help we can. Rather than philosophising if we “should be sticking our necks out to orphanages”, we need to take action >>

Step 1: Identify a centre and say you are going to STICK YOUR NECK OUT! and make a difference.

Step 2: Make a visit where every member of your team individually commit to these 4 things:

#1: COMMIT to 3 Trips, at least once a year for 3 consecutive years to the same centre because your long term relationship with the centre matter.

#2: Do an EMPOWER program for leaders of the centre because they are the key influencers.

#3: Do a SONG OUT program for the children.

#4. Come back to work out with us to to help the children/youth in the community sustainably