Make a trip down together with us!

How about a trip to make space for kids to find their song? It’s not about the trip, it’s about making connections and building a long term relationship so that our help extends (and do not just end with a trip).

We currently have teams visiting centres in Batam, Indonesia & Yangon, Myanmar doing amazing work.

There are so many orphanages or children centres all over the world. The numbers are so huge, I won’t go there. Other than philosophising, we need to take action >>

Step 1: Identify a centre and say you are going to STICK YOUR NECK OUT! and make a difference.

Step 2: Make a visit where every member of your team individually commit to these 4 things:

#1: COMMIT to 3 Trips, at least once a year for 3 consecutive years to the same centre because your long term relationship with the centre matter.

#2: Do an EMPOWER program for leaders of the centre because they are the key influencers.

#3: Do a SONG OUT program for the kids.

#4: BRING 10% from your personal giving fund to whatever you see best fit for the centre.


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Let's change the world, one child at a time.

If you are interested to find out more about SONG-TRIPS to any of our centres as a family/organisation or individual, connect to us on FaceBook or write to us