We are a ground-up, non-profit movement of people with a passion to make space for the next generation to tap into their inner potential through song, music and the arts.

As a tribe, we empower and resource the work of kids and youth in the 4 to 14 age window.

We see ourselves as a people with the same heart for the young. We began locally, in Singapore, by giving guitars away to children who could not afford one. Then, we made trips to orphanages and kids centres in Indonesia and Myanmar and did the same for children there.

Soon, we became a movement of like-minded dreamers interested in the work of empowering the next generation. As a movement and not an organisation, we do not store funds. Instead, we raise them as needs arise and we connect the right people with the resources to fulfil our SONG-OUT schemes.

We have two main types of activities in a year that you can get in on:

  1. SONG-TRIPs are conducted regularly by volunteers to orphanages/children centres in cities such as Batam, Yangon, Penang etc. There, children are engaged in music, arts, handicrafts, and other creative pursuits.
  2. SONGKIDS FESTIVALS exist primarily to serve the underprivileged children in a city, and the invitation is extended to all the orphanages within a city. With the collaborative support of local sponsors, businesses and volunteers, children who attend the festival get the opportunity to experience song, dance, friendship and fun in an environment that prioritises and values their wellbeing.

Upcoming SongKids Festivals:

1. 1 December 2018 Yangon
2. 8 December 2018 Batam
3. June 2019 Penang – TBC
4. August 2019 Surabaya – TBC

To volunteer, check out “Volunteer With Us”

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