Get It! Dream It! Do It!

Getting it!

I quit a high paying corporate IT job while my kids are still toddlers to spent 12 years working with children in a non profit organisation. I made the sacrifice with the hope that the youngest people in our community can have it better.

People don’t get why I do it?

Well, I do it because I “Get it”. I get what it means that…

  • Children are a gift
  • Children are the hope of the future
  • Children are not just leaders of tomorrow, they are leaders leading us now.
  • If we don’t pay attention to children, the sustainability of our community plummets.
  • If we don’t invest in children, we are not investing in development, progress and growth in the long run.

Someone I admire onced said “I will rather build children than to fix adults”. The issue of corruption and decay can be meddled with this generation but the solution is found in building the next.

I give and sacrifice because I get it that children matter to God, to us and to the future of our earth.

Dreaming it!

Because I get it, I can dream it. We can dream what will make the next generation blossom. We can dream what is needed to not only survive the next generation but to have it lead their next generation and thrive. We can dream of their contribution and impact to our world. We can dream of the same best that has been invested for this generation be given to the next generation. We can dream of children being considered, seen and treated as important people in the society. We can dream it because we get it!

Doing it!

Whatever we can dream, you can do it! You may feel like you cannot do much but you can, if you do your part.  You can do what aligns to the dream of making the world better for our next generation. We can encourage, support, pray and do whatever we have the fit to do. You may not be able to do big things alone but together you can do wonders. When you get it, dream it and do it together, the world will be a better place and you are involved to make this world a better place.

I encourage you to make your investment and your time worth it. Make a contribution and do it. You can stick out your neck and do it. You can make a difference.

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How To Stick Your Heads Out & Volunteer Your Gifts?

  1. Find What The Needs Are

    Look around for what is needed. Search for volunteering opportunities at your local welfare non-profit organisation. Don’t just look for anything but for one that will match your talent. Believe me, doing this one step will help you succeed many times more than just doing what you CAN do (rather than what you are passionate to do)

  2. Take The First Step And Contact Them

    Finding something and taking the first step means so much difference. Have the courage to call or write to them and ask if they have an opportunity for you in the area you want to do. Most of the time, you’ll find that there is and then it’s a matter of the working arrangement.

  3. Commit To A Process That Will Make It Work

    Having the right working arrangement with the organisation is crucial and will either make it or break this venture you have committed to do.  So make it a point to agree on how you can work that will make the most difference to the people you’ll bless.

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How To Bring Out Your Gifts?

Everyone has a song in them. A song is a talent or a gift that is in you that if you bring it out, it will make hearts sing. Other’s and your own.

Bringing Out Your Gifts

  1. Need You To Recognise It

    So what’s your song? What’s been given to you that you have always wanted to do but have not developed. What are the things that are easy for you which is hard for other people? Perhaps it’s so simple that you have taken it for granted. Why not recognize your song? It maybe a piece of music, or art masterpiece, a book you need to write or a business waiting for you to uncover.

  2. Need You To Develop It

    The song inside of you will not come out naturally. It’s a seed that needs to be nurtured to make it grow. The good news is that what you pay attention to grows in your life. Is it music, arts, business, speaking or sports? Whatever it is, take some time to systematically bring it out. It maybe a course or engaging a teacher to help you. It may even be just a commitment to a routine practice time where you learn from resources online.

  3. Need You To Commit To Use It

    One of the best way to develop your talent is to use it. Head knowledge is different from heart knowledge where it is valued and practised. Commit to using it by volunteering the gift no matter how small it is. We all live by the principle of growth through practice. Whatever you have, do you find ways to volunteer it and make it a blessing to others.

How To Volunteer Your Gifts?